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New conversation with Jacob Colker of Allen Institute of AI Incubator

All things AI

If you have not heard of Allen institute before this, here is a quick intro about them.

  • Non-profit research organization founded in 2014 by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen & is located in Seattle, Washington

  • Mission is to advance artificial intelligence in a way that benefits humanity

  • Conducts fundamental research in AI, develops AI tools and applications, and promotes AI education and public awareness

  • Has a team of world-class researchers and engineers working on a wide range of AI projects

What is Allen Institute of AI’s incubator (AI2)?

  • AI2's incubator program is a startup accelerator that supports early-stage AI companies

  • The program was launched in 2017

  • Provides funding, office space, mentorship, and resources to selected companies

  • Focuses on AI applications that can have a positive impact on society, such as healthcare, education, and sustainability

  • Companies accepted into the program receive up to $500,000 in funding

  • The program lasts for six months and includes regular check-ins and workshops

  • AI2's incubator has supported companies such as Xnor.ai, Blue Canoe, and Lexion

My Conversation:

  • I had a chance to host Jacob who founded the incubator program on the command of Paul Allen and we talked about various topics related to AI

  • Check out my full conversation below:

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