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Trillion Dollar Opportunity: Un-Fuck the U.S Food Ecosystem

Next trillion dollar opportunity, wework's bankruptcy & conversation with founder of crowd cow.

1/ Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity: Un-Fuck the U.S Food Ecosystem

I love capitalism and I love the U.S for being the most capitalist country in the world. It enabled U.S to be the most innovative country but like anything capitalism has some unforeseen negative externalities.

The capitalist economy, in the race to extract maximum yield from agriculture has polluted the grocery chains with substandard products. We are now in a phase where most chicken in U.S grocery chains is frozen for months, lived only for 4-6 weeks, never seen sunlight & doesn’t taste good. In the name of getting the cheapest protein U.S food ecosystem has been irrevocably destroyed.

But I am hopeful, because, when there is a crisis in capitalism the market self corrects, the market will look at the problem and will say its an opportunity. I believe rehauling U.S food supply is 2 trillion dollar opportunity.

Amazon purchased whole foods in a way to address this market, but eventually the green labels in whole foods are not meaning much and they are falling towards the Kroger’s way of doing things. If I am Amazon and looking for the next disruptive opportunity, I would allocate incredible resource and attack the food industrial complex head-on. I will start with chicken. Its a once in a century opportunity to un-fuck the U.S food ecosystem. The bold ones will be rewarded by the market.

Look out.

2/ WeWork will file for bankruptcy: 

WeWork recently said, it there’s “substantial doubt” about its ability to stay in business. It was once valued at $49B and now valued at $444M. This is after it was up 17% on 8/11 the day I am writing this post.

So what can we expect to happen here? My guess is no one will acquire WeWork and its a guarantee at this point that it will go through bankruptcy, because of two reasons:

  • Too much debt

  • Long term leases

Instead the company will go bankrupt and restructure its debt and then may be we will see a new company take over WeWork as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

3/ My conversation with Joe Heitzeberg 

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